2022 Local Flower CSA Subscription

By purchasing a subscription for our flower CSA, you are a partner in supporting our farm and our business. Thank you!

As a subscriber, you will receive 10 weeks of local, sustainably grown, hand-arranged bouquets (large market-sized bouquets wrapped in craft paper). Each week your bouquet will be a unique, colorful surprise based on what beauties are blooming in our gardens and greenhouse! Enjoy snapdragons, sunflowers, dahlias, zinnias and many other gorgeous favorites to bring nature’s beauty into your home.

Each bouquet is worth $30, a real deal when you consider these flowers are lovingly grown right in your community by a woman owned and operated business.

You will pick up your bouquet from a partner Livingston downtown business to be announced in the near future. We’ll contact you soon by phone and email to let you know where and when pickup will be so you’re sure to get the info.


YOU ARE COMMITTING TO A WEEKLY SERVICE — If you will be out of town, we will be happy to move your bouquet to another week. This means getting two bouquets on the week of your choosing, and you can give one to a friend! We are unable to give refunds for weeks you are unavailable. If you are unable to pick up your bouquet, you may absolutely have a friend pick up….and alternate pickup times (there will be a set time slot and location each week for pickup) are difficult for us busy farmers to schedule, so please only resort to this in a pinch. You may contact us by text at 406-223-2294.

YOU ARE A PARTNER IN SUPPORTING OUR FARM AND BUSINESS! The way CSAs work (Community Supported Agriculture), you are purchasing a share in our farm and its bounty. Your subscription means we can pay ourselves, purchase farm supplies and have capital we would otherwise not have early in the season.

YOU UNDERSTAND THAT FARMING IS A RISKY ENDEAVOR We always do our best to provide you with the best quality product possible. We make every effort to control what we can in terms of pests, wind, weird weather conditions and other farming hazards. However, farmers are at the whim of Mother Nature! Things happen that are sometimes beyond our control, and if it does we will contact you directly to mitigate whatever circumstances have come our way.

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